July Boxing Goals - Month 2!

A picture of boxing gloves with text "Beginner Boxing Goals. How do we even choose goals when everything is so bad? Welcome to TMI on my July 2021 boxing goals. www.boxingbutterfly.com

I am officially starting month #2 on my journey from almost-middle-aged, semi-professional coach potato to beginner boxing hobbyist!  

First off, how does one even choose goals when everything is so bad? I asked Coach L after a session today and he let me know - that's generally something a coach works on with you. And then kindly shared that improving my leg fitness would be a good start. That way a coach could tell if it was fitness/stamina thing or an actual technique thing.  

I've got to be honest. It is for sure a fitness/stamina thing. And maybe also technique.  :) Those first few classes, I couldn't even get to a comfortable stance with my back heal lifted.  Honestly, working on that cardio and picking anything seems like a good start.  I'm focusing on things that I already do in class that won't potentially reinforce bad habits. Like building a daily core work routine.  


  • Continue with 3-5 classes a week. 
    • Reward self with Captain Marvel Hyabusa wraps after getting to >30 workouts! 
    • Anticipated challenges: Last month, I was able to do two weeks of 5 classes, but it was rough on my body.  If I'm feeling worn down, then I can always drop a cardio class and do two cardio classes and two technique classes. 
    • Add daily core work. Think this could really help my performance. And I could easily do a few months every day. 
      • Using this Precision Striking workout from YouTube. Its 7 minutes and 22 seconds and I don't know that I can do all the movement in the video. But modifications abound.  
      • Anticipated challenges: I have fantasies of doing this in the morning. But I suck at waking up early.  I'll try at night first. Also need a reminder near my bed to do this, in case I forget.  

      Nutrition - Meal records and tastes. 

      • Record my off plan meals in my planner. Working towards a +90% whole food, plant based diet. Ultimately want 2 or less off-plan meals a week.  Also want to limit my breads/gluten in hopes of lower the inflammation in my joints.  I think tracking these is a solid first step.  Will let me know how close to 90% I am. 
        • Anticipated challenges: Forgetting that this is a goal.  Another reminder next to my bed will help and maybe a little daily checklist in my planner too.   
      • Taste my food!  Track that in the planner too! Want to see if I can get my husband on board with describing our meals so I'm not just saying stuff in my head.  This doubles as a therapy assignment to help with decreasing my binging.    
        • Same challenges as above.

      Spiritual/mental: Keep toughening up!

      • Push when its hard. Keep practicing during class. Find some opportunities to practice in the other parts of my life. Might add a related mantra to my planner.  "I'm learning to push when its hard."
      • Learn to think when I'm tired/overwhelmed.  Cardio class is the prime time to practice this!  I'm wiped from the warm up when trying to learn combos.  

      Blog Goals

      • Make at least weekly blog posts!  I have a backlog of topic/things I still need to process from the first month.  And considering my current skillz, I'm pretty sure I'll be learning more in month 2!  
      • Read more boxing blogs.  Found the Glowing Edge, with my favorite "9 Reasons to Start Boxing after 40" article. Also want to work through the beginner's guide at ExpertBoxing.com
      That's it for me.  Would love to hear about your boxing goals in the comments!


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