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Could Boxing Make Me a Better Leader?

Its been a hot minute.  Like six months since I've written about boxing.  Catch  you up later, but in summary, still a hobby boxer. A few months ago I added adult technique classes to the fitness boxing but they don't spar at my gym. Still super fat and old, but I'm kinda sporty now.   Anyhow, today was a rough day at work. It was one of those days when your best isn't good enough. And there is some conflict which is part of the human experience but I don't prefer it.  Was in a little bit of the feels before class.           So I asked coach (who is an amateur fighter and general bad ass) to talk about losing.  Or what he says to losers.  He was probably the wrong person to ask because I don't think he cares about losing.  Only winning.  Because winning fighters mostly focus on themselves and what they do and what they can bring. He's commented before that he's less concerned about others because at his level - everyone hits hard. And everyone's good

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