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Three Things I Learned From My First Boxing Injury

After the class  that kicked my mental ass, two fun things happened.  First, I caught whatever my stomach bug my daughter had.  I'm sure all the parents reading this are shook.  Also, all the parents reading this, might just be my mom.... Hey mom. How you doin? Second, pretty sure that I tweaked my left wrist doing a crappy job with the combos in that class. It wasn't swollen but it hurt enough that I had to ice it over a few days.  So that's like an injury right?  #RidiculousButImStillPublishingThisPost As a veteran non-athletic person, here are three things I learned from way over thinking my first boxing injury.  1.  We have to take care of our hands.   Jason Van said it best, "proper protection, proper technique is way more important than what gloves you choose. In other words, you have to build in the care and longevity of your hands.  These things are not smartphones or laptops. You can't upgrade them to the latest model. You can't replace them. You get

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